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Poori Padhai is a free medium to connect the student with the education in an interactive way. With Poori Padhai, the student not only finds useful study material but can also explore and create new ideas. In brief, we can say Poori Padhai is an optimized way of learning with Examples for all students. Poori Padhai provides you different courses with specific and simple examples that any student can practically apply. Poori Padhai also provides you with online tests for self-assessment so that if you have learned something but you are not able to analyze your learning "you can be your own teacher". Pooripadhai also provide you videos for practical studies (like making a website, robots) to help you in learning visually it is like "whether you want to design and create a website for the first time or you’ve been designing websites for years, our video tutorials have something for you.


Cinque Terre Web Development
Science and Engineering
Science and Engineering Coming Soon
Competition Exam
Competition Exam Coming Soon
Art and Commerce
Art and Commerce Coming Soon

Course Topics

Course Topics


This is the arena of challenges and contest for the people who are eager to compete, learn and explore more and more. Here we can play and participate in many amazing challenges. The winners will be honored by prizes and gifts. As much as we participate in the challenges, the more we can learn varieties of things. The ultimate things in the Poori Padhai are that there is no bar for the age, any age of people can participate in these challenges.