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Operating System Online Test

Operating System Online Test Operating Systems is one of the core things which a computer science person should be aware of. Without knowing the operating system being used and its features nothing can be done in a computer system. Also, every operating system will have its features like scheduling and other things. One must be aware of what operating system is being used and what are its key specifications.
Identifying this need, Poori Padhai has brought to you Online Test for Operating Systems. This online test will consist of basics of operating systems which will have the topics like Operating System Processes, Process Control Block, Inter-process communication, CPU scheduling algorithms, Critical section problems, Algorithms for those problems, Deadlock prevention, Deadlock detection and avoidance, Memory management, Virtual memory, Thrashing, File systems and allocation methods, Disk scheduling and disk management, RAID structure, types of Operating Systems, resource sharing etc. This online test for Operating Systems will concentrate on the foundation of Operating Systems which will be very much helpful in the further deep analysis of the subject.
All the concepts which are important for further learning and analysis will be covered in these Online Tests. The test will be available in both English and Hindi. So depending on the convenience of the user, they can choose the language which is an added advantage.
These online tests will be consisting of multiple-choice questions(MCQs) in which one of the options will be correct. After the submission of the test, the complete result will be displayed which will have the number of attempted questions, number of unattempted questions, number of correct answers and other things. After the successful submission of the test, the participant can view the answers for every question along with explanation which helps them to rectify the mistakes which they have done and also the actual knowledge behind the question.