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As we all know, to qualify for any exam or test we need to do a lot of thorough and non-stop practice. The only way to assess our ability or performance in the exams is by to repeat the cycle of practice and perform until you gain confidence in yourself. So, Poori Padhai has brought to you an amazing platform where you can get to practice and asses yourself on various programming and style sheet languages like C, C++, Java, Python, CSS etc. You can also prepare for other competitive exams and university exams like JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, GATE, SSC, IBPS, MBA, CLAT, B.Tech, UPSC etc.
In this digital age, one must keep themselves updated about all the new things which are almost impossible. No one can have complete knowledge of all the things. So at least basics are mandatory for everyone in this tech-world. So, identifying this need, we, the team of Poori Padhai brought to you the basics of all the minimum needed things for the survival in this digital age. We equip you with the basics which are very essential to learn advanced things. As we all know, a good and strong foundation is very important to build a strong building. To gain the knowledge about a language or anything, one should be thorough with the fundamental concepts which are going to be at your fingertips if you follow the quizzes and online tests regularly without fail which are being conducted by Poori Padhai.

Poori Padhai has got a variety of questions where you can come across various scenarios which will help you in an effective way of preparation. All the tests conducted are online and can be accessed from anywhere which is an added advantage. With the help of online tests and quizzes, you can help yourself in building great knowledge about each little detail about the subject.

Poori Padhai focuses not only at a single thing but multiple topics. We focus on the all-round development of aspirants. That is why we have programming languages, other subjects like Computer Networks and also current affairs quizzes and online tests.

In these online tests, after answering all the questions and ending the test, the results for every question will be given along with the explanation which will help the candidate in gaining the actual knowledge about the subject which is very very essential to crack an examination and to gain ground knowledge.

The format of the online test and quiz is quite simple. All you need to do is be thorough with the concepts before the test. Once the test commences, you need to read the question carefully, assess and understand it, and pick the correct option from the given options without getting confused among all the options.

The best thing about Poori Padhai online tests and quizzes is that you can share it with your friends through Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest. This will help others who don’t know about this amazing platform to know the details and access it.

A full report based on the performance will be generated which will be helpful in self-assessment. It also consists of the total number of attempted questions, unattempted questions marks and percentage.

The best part is you can also organize the online tests and contests. This will help many other people to enhance their knowledge. Online quiz maker enables you to create quizzes of your own. This is a feature which is special about Poori Padhai. Using this, one can create a personalized quiz of their own choice of topic and make it as useful as possible. By this, your thinking will be improved and also helps others.

There are also online tests for general knowledge(Online tests for General Knowledge with answers) which is very much helpful for the aspirants of competitive examinations. It helps you to keep yourself updated about global affairs and also reduces the last minute burden. By attempting Poori Padhai Online tests for General Knowledge, one can improve themselves in this aspect to a very large extent.

There are tests for programming languages which will help you gain knowledge about the basics and advanced concepts of languages like C, C++, Java, Python, CSS etc. These tests are useful for beginners who want to excel in programming because without the proper foundation of the basics, it is highly impossible to be a good programmer. One who is very good at fundamentals can learn any other languages with ease. Poori Padhai has identified this need and brought to you the best online tests for programming.

Online tests for Computer Networks(Online Test for Computer Networks with answers) is also available on Poori Padhai which will help you with the topics like TCP, UDP, IP, Sliding Window protocol and various other key concepts of the Computer Networks which is again another interesting and also a very important subject. Computer networks are the base for any other thing related to technology because, without knowing the protocols and mechanisms being employed, one cannot build a good technology. Everything depends on the computer networks and the type of protocols being used. So Poori Padhai has brought to you the fundamentals and some of the advanced concepts of the Computer Networks.

In C language online test(Online Test for C with answers), Poori Padhai has come up with numerous modules which will deal about all the basic concepts of C which will further help in learning advanced concepts. A good programmer is someone who can even write a code in C. For a programmer, it is very much essential to be well versed with the foundations. So, this need has been identified by Poori Padhai and hence we brought to you the best quizzes possible in C language which will help you excel yourself in the basics of C.

In Python language online test(Online Test for Python with answers), Poori Padhai has come up with various online tests which will help you to be thorough with basics of Python like variables, variable names, data types, operators, operator precedence, operator associativity and many other key concepts. Python is an easier language and also a user-friendly language so nowadays everyone is moving to Python. In this fast-moving generation, one needs to be very much updated about Python. This is the reason we brought to you the Python language online test with all the fundamental concepts which will help you build the foundation for learning advanced concepts in this user-friendly language.

Poori Padhai Current Affairs Quiz will help you crack any competitive exam easily. Without missing a single detail, every little thing is made available in these Current Affairs Questions and Answers pdf. For easy understanding of aspirants, the material for Current Affairs quiz is made available both in English and Hindi which will be an additive advantage. Those who are not so well versed with English can go with the Hindi version first and then refer the English version which also helps to improve the English language skills of the individual. These are available for every two days so that you will not miss even a small detail. Current affairs quizzes are made available every alternate day. So it is easy to access the material which is required. Current affairs questions and answers are segregated and customized according to the type of exam you’re aspiring to crack. So one need not be worried about what to prepare and how to prepare for their respective examinations. Each type of examination has got its material for the preparation.

The current affairs quiz questions and answers pdf can be saved offline on our laptop, computer or any other devices like smartphones. This can be used at any time whenever we are offline. It is a very portable solution for all the students who want to get to know about current affairs. Whenever you find the time, you can easily access these so this is an optimized solution. You can download all the current affairs quiz question and answers of 2017, 2018, 2019 etc. or as per the required date and access the material. Also, the quizzes are according to the dates. So you can take it periodically and this will help you prevent the SINGLE NIGHT STUDIES. Poori Padhai current affair quizzes will help you learn systematically and also help you easily achieve your goals.

GK (General Knowledge) Current Affairs Daily Quiz is one of the best ways to clear most of the competitive exams and it also helps you to enhance your awareness on the national and international affairs. For those who are interested in keeping themselves updated regarding international and national affairs, this quiz is for you. This is the best-recommended solution.

All these are not only for students. Anyone interested in expanding their skillset and enhancing their knowledge can make use of Poori Padhai platform. This is one of the best platforms to explore new things and get well versed with those. One must always be learning new things to keep themselves updated.

Get in touch with us and please share your valuable feedback and help us improve to serve you better.