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DataBase Management System Online Test

DataBase Management System Online Test Database Management System is one of the very important and interesting subjects in the field of Computer Science. For any system, a database is a compulsory thing. Without a database whatever is done has no use. We need a database to store all the data of activities being performed, user data, log data etc. So the study of Database Management System is also very essential for a Computer Sciences person.
Hence, Poori Padhai has come up with the idea of conducting Online Tests for DataBase Management System which will focus majorly on the foundation of the subject. The topics covered include Basics of SQL, Queries in SQL, different expressions in SQL, Operations in SQL, Data Types and Schemas of SQL, Transactions, Relational algebra, Entity-Relationship model, Diagrams used in the Entity-Relationship model, Design issues, Query processing, Evaluation of expressions, Lock based protocols, Deadlocks etc. All these concepts are essential for the understanding of the management of databases.
This online test will consist of multiple-choice questions(MCQ) which will have one of the options correct. The format is quite simple. You just need to read the question carefully, understand the question and pick the correct answer from the given options. The DBMS quiz conducted by Poori Padhai aims at improving the knowledge of the individual in the field of DBMS. The DBMS online MCQ test will be available both in English and Hindi where the participant can choose one of the languages according to their convenience which is an added advantage.
Once the answers are submitted successfully, the result will be generated. The result has the number of attempted and unattempted questions, correct ones and other things. This will be very helpful in self-assessment and also planning for further preparation.
After submission, one can view the answers for each question along with an explanation. By going through the explanation, the correct logic behind the question can be understood easily.