HTML Tutorial

HTML Tutorial

HTML Tutorial

PooriPadhai provides you a Free HTML Tutorial to make beautiful and elegant Websites.
These lectures clear all your basic concepts of HyperText Markup Language one by one with practical examples that you can run on your browser.

Course Includes:

  • Text
  • Videos
  • Proper Description
  • Practical Examples
  • A Website from Beginning (Scratch)
  • This tutorial contains descriptions of all the HTML Tag and Syntax in the form of text and video.
    Here videos make your experience better with audio and visual effect, it also makes your understanding even more clear when you see it practically running on Browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and many more).


    <title>HTML Tutorial</title>
    This is the my First Web page of PooriPadhai Website.

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    HTML Tutorial in Hindi

    HTML Tutorial Examples

    All the examples used in the Tutorial are very easy to use.
    It is also portable means it can be used on any platform or operating system.

    Ex. Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Mac OS etc.

    You can download all the Examples from HTML Tutorial Example
    It will make more easier to learn HTML.

    HTML Tutorial Course Contents

  • HTML Tutorial
  • HTML Introduction
  • HTML Syntax
  • HTML Structure
  • HTML First Example
  • HTML Heading
  • HTML Paragraph
  • HTML Attribute Introduction
  • HTML Horizontal Line
  • HTML Line Break
  • HTML Pre Tag
  • HTML Style Introduction
  • HTML Fonts
  • HTML Text Size
  • HTML Background
  • HTML Text Color
  • HTML Text Alignment
  • HTML Bold-Strong
  • HTML Italic-Emp
  • HTML Small-Big
  • HTML Del-Ins
  • HTML Sub-Supescript
  • HTML Mark Tag
  • HTML Quotation
  • HTML Abbreviation
  • HTML Computer Code
  • HTML Comments
  • HTML Hyperlink
  • HTML Image
  • HTML Table
  • HTML List
  • HTML Div Tag
  • HTML Span Tag
  • HTML Iframe
  • HTML Meta Tag
  • HTML Symbols
  • HTML Forms
  • HTML Form Attribute
  • HTML Center Tag
  • HTML Website
  • All HTML Symbols
  • Hope you will feel like a Web Developer after completing this course.