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Class 10th ICSE Board Syllabus

Now its time to hip hip hurray! because you are now in your 10th class which leads you to your first board examinations. Once again we are congrats you for your result in the previous class that is 9th. Here you are a star which twinkles all the time but now it is the time to be a sun for shine. Shine by your hard work and also provide some light to others. This shine will leads you to a bright future.

Once again we suggest you be honest, punctual, sincere, positive, energetic, healthy, etc for your study and knowledge. Make a perfect time table and follow it seriously. Because these marks are light for your future. Don’t panic about your first board examinations. Always be cool and healthy take it seriously but don’t take it as a ghost. Cover this fear of examinations before it covers you.

Class 10 or first board examinations play a very important role in the path of education. So, this is the year which needs devotion to education. Here, the syllabuses of all subjects are available. This syllabus is for class 10 prescribed by the ICSE board. Let began the preparation with the hard works.

Syllabus Pdf

Syllabus Overview

Sr. no.





1. Basic biology

2. Plant physiology

3. Human anatomy and physiology

4. Physical health and hygiene

5. Pollution



1. Periodic properties and variation of properties-physical and chemical

2. Chemical bonding

3. Study of acids, bases and salts

4. Analytical chemistry- use of ammonium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide

5. Mole concept and stoichiometry

6. Electrolysis

7. Metallurgy

8. Study of compounds

9. Organic chemistry



1. Revision of class 9th syllabus

2. Class as the basis of all computation

3. Constructors

4. Functions

5. Class as a user defined type

6. Iterations

7. Using library classes

8. Encapsulation

9. Arrays

10. Input/output



1. The productive mechanism

2. Theory of demand and supply

3. Public finance

4. Money and banking

5. Consumer awareness



1. English language

2. Literature in English


Environmental science

1. Controlling air pollution

2. Addressing population

3. Managing the urban environment

4. Managing soil and land

5. Food

6. Biodiversity

7. Energy

8. Waste

9. Environment and development

10. Towards a sustainable future


Fashion designing

1. The choice, purchase , use and care of tools and equipment, including sewing machines, for dressmaking.

2. The choice and use of traditional, drafted or commercial patterns for making simple under and outer garments.

3. The stitches and processes used in the making of simple under and outer garments.

4. The use and making of simple or traditional designs and decorative stitchery in the construction and decoration of garments and articles.



1. Interpretation of topographical maps

2. Map of india

3. Location, extent and physical features

4. Climate

5. Soil resources

6. Natural vegetation

7. Water resources

8. Mineral and energy resources

9. Agriculture

10. Manufacture industries

11. Transport

12. Waste management


History and civics

1. Civics

    a. The union legislature

    b. The union executive

    c. The judiciary

2. History

    a. The indian national movement

    b. Mass phase of the national movement

    c. The contemporary world


Home science

1. Home furnishing

2. Management of money

3. Growth and development during middle childhood

4. Growth and development during adolescence

5. Meal planning

6. Care of textiles and clothing

7. Consumer education



1. Commercial mathematics

2. Algebra

3. Geometry

4. Mensuration

5. Trigonometry

6. Statistics

7. Probability



1. Force, work, power and energy

2. Light

3. Sound

4. Electricity and magnetism

5. Heat

6. Modern physics

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