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Class 9th CBSE Board Syllabus

Aha! You are only one step away from your 1st board examinations. Class-9 is very crucial for the preparation of board examinations. 9th grade is the beginning. It is like a fog, the more you go, the more you will find your way. And this path will lead you to 10th. So you should walk well on the way of 9th class and we are always here to give you help to walk on this path.

With the preparation of 9th class, the 10th board can prepare well for the exam. So here we have given you the information about the 9th class CBSE and the necessary information related to it here.
Here, you will also get the syllabus of all subjects with their marking pattern. This syllabus is prescribed by the CBSE for the academic year 2018-19.

Syllabus Pdf

Syllabus Overview






Art education

Art education constitutes an important area of curricular activity for the development of the wholesome personality of the learners. Art is a process of fulfillment running through every aspect of life and it goes on in a creative, productive and joyful manner.

1. Visual art

2. Performing and language arts

3. Two dimensional or pictorial activities

4. Three-dimensional or sculptural activities

5. Theoretical understanding of art and culture


Carnatic music

Carnatic music is a system of music commonly associated with southern India. You can learn about sruti, raga, tala, swara, etc by this subject.

1. Brief history of Carnatic music

2. Definitions of sangeetam, nada, raga, laya, Tala etc.

3. Brief knowledge about musical forms.

4. Description of adi and chapu


Elements of Book Keeping and Accountancy

Bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions and is part of the process of accounting.

1. Introduction to book keeping and accounting

2. Accounting equation effects

3. Nature of accounts and rules for debit and credit

4. Journal

5. Ledger

6. Recording and posting of cash transactions

7. Trial balance


Elements of business activities

Cash is one of the most important business elements that has stored potential energy. With cash, you can increase business potential energy on other business elements as knowledge, products and services, marketing, sales team and so on.

1. Fundamentals of business activities

2. Operative activities in business

3. Steps involved in establishing business

4. Fundamental areas of buisness


English language and literature

Traditionally, languages-learning materials beyond the initials stages have been sourced from literature: prose, fiction and poetry.

1. Reading skills

2. Writing skills with grammar

3. Literature textbook and supplementary reading text



The Hindi language is very old and has a direct line of evolution to Sanskrit. As such it is part of one of the oldest religious and literary traditions in the world.

1. Pathan kausal gadhyansh and kavyansh

2. Hindi vyakaran

3. Kshitij bhag 1

4. Lekhan

5. Apathit bodh

6. Vyawaharik vyakaran

7. Pathaya pustak


Home Science

You can develop life skills with the help of science

1. Concept and scope of science

2. Human growth and development

3. Family and values

4. Food, nutrition and health

5. Fiber and fabric

6. Resource management

7. Measures of safety and management of emergencies.



Maths is incredibly important in our lives and, without realizing it, we use mathematical concepts, as well as the skills we learn from doing maths problems, every day.

1. Number system

2. Algebra

3. Coordinate geometry

4. Geometry

5. Mensuration

6. Statistics and probability



The subject of science plays an important role in developing well-defined abilities in cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains in children.

1. Matter- its nature and behavior

2. Organization in living world

3. Motion, force and work.

4. Our environment

5. Food; food production


Social science

Social science is a compulsory subject up to the secondary stage of school education. It is an integral component of general education because it helps the learners in understanding the environment in its totality and developing a broader perspective and an empirical.

1. India and the contemporary world

2. Contemporary india-1

3. Democratic politics-1

4. Economics



The training curriculum of the NCC is primarily focused on character building, including leadership qualities and skills enhancement through structured academic syllabi, practical training and opportunity for exposure beyond a cadets immediate environment, and thereby enabling them for a brighter and progressive future.

1. Senior division wing

2. Junior division wing

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