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Cyber Security Online Test

Cyber Security Online Test

No way days we hear cybersecurity so much that it has become a hot topic and mainstream in the world. Keeping you updated regarding the latest technology is all the motive behind, thus we provide you with a cybersecurity mock test/online exam here which tests your knowledge and evaluates based on marks you obtain in the test. This test would help students, working employees, technical readers to enhance their knowledge in the cybersecurity field. This Cyber Security Online Test has lots of questions that would give you in-depth knowledge and make you a cybersecurity topic expert. So why wait, take the Cyber Security Online Test and be first in the race.

Cyber Security test questions and answers

This cybersecurity online quiz contains more than 500 questions and answers which are very useful for gaining cybersecurity knowledge. This cybersecurity quiz contains questions and answers so that you do not need to find answers elsewhere over the internet. There are some cybersecurity poll kinds of questions that would make you understand what the world thinks about cybersecurity. These multiple-choice questions are selected from the exam point of view and it will increase your chance of getting a good job even. After selecting the desired option and clicking on 'submit', the answer will be shown, and marks will be awarded if you answered it correctly. Please note that there is 10 min time limit for this Cyber Security knowledge check test and this is a completely free Cyber Security Online Test.

Cyber Security Quiz Answers

Every answer will be shown for each of the questions once you submit your desired answer by clicking on 'submit'.

What does Cyber Security mean?

Cyber Security is a branch of Information Technology that deals with the practice of protecting networks, systems, or software programs from attacks over the internet which are called cyber attacks. It does deal with security over different kinds of areas which includes Network Security, Application Security, Cloud Security, Operational Security, End-point security, and so on.

Why Cyber Security?

Data is one of the things that is very valuable in this modern world. Nowadays many digital crimes or cybersecurity crimes are happening all over the world. These cybersecurity threats are not only confined to some dimensions like banks, money, or something else. Even our identity and our interests in this world, our privacy anything could be the victim of cyberattacks. Every day we hear in the news that something remotely has been done over the internet and somewhere something has been the victim. The level of danger that cybersecurity attacks or cybersecurity threats could lead to is, even sometimes it might disrupt world peace. Countries try to do cybersecurity attacks over other countries to steal the country’s confidential data thus gaining upper hand in this world. To stop or defend against all these kinds of attacks, knowledge in the cybersecurity field is very essential.

Cyber Security framework

In simplest terms, the Cyber Security Framework is nothing but a set of rules, best guidelines, and practices and for organizations to effectively manage, protect from, reduce and defend cybersecurity threats and cybersecurity attacks. The standard and international framework comprise measures, rules, and practices to safely guard valuable data either personal, institutional, and organizational. This framework updates as the world technologies updates and the main motto are to detection of cybersecurity attacks and reduce cybersecurity attacks. The safer the valuable data the safer the world.
One recognized cybersecurity framework is the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This framework is most suitably that private sector companies can follow for identifying, detecting, and responding to cybersecurity attacks.
The important function of the national institute of standards and technology Cybersecurity framework is to Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover.
Make use of the most from this free cyber security online test because the scope of this branch in IT technology has been rapidly increasing due to the kind of demand in this modern world.