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Cryptography & Network Security Online Test

Cryptography & Network Security Online Test

Cryptography and network security online test is the test conducted with the purpose of obtaining the candidate's inference on the topics of cryptography and network security. In layman's terms, cryptography is the process of converting the message into codes so that unauthorized individuals have no access to it. On the other hand, network security refers to the process of securing the computer network from fraudulent activities of other users. The test implies measuring the aptitude of the candidate on the stated topics. It seeks to assess whether the candidate has adequate knowledge about both the topics or not.
MCQ on cryptography and network security with answers are popular among students seeking to get a quick grasp on the important topics in the subject. They serve as a good launching pad in the knowledge field of cryptography and network security. Cryptography and network security MCQ questions and answers are published both online and offline, which makes it hugely popular among the aspirants. Cryptography and network security exam questions and answers of past years also provide a good basis for the preparation of the test. Important questions in cryptography and network security are available in prominent Cryptography and network security online test and mock question papers with cryptography and network security multiple-choice questions. Online cryptography and network security practice are particularly effective in enhancing the knowledge of the candidate. 
Cryptography and network security online tests have the distinction to be aware of what may come on the next online exams. They are based on hypotheses but generally are sure-shot as they are based on questions of past years which are equally important. The trend of free online tests of cryptography and network security is also on the rise as it serves as a cheap medium of publicity for the company.

What is cryptography?

Encryption is the process of converting a readable message into a form that cannot be understood by unauthorized individuals or systems. Decryption is the process of converting an encrypted message back to its readable form. The plaintext is the form that is readable by individuals or systems, and ciphertext is the form that is not readable by individuals or systems until it is decrypted. Cryptology is the science of encryption and encompasses two sub-disciplines; cryptography and cryptanalysis. Cryptography from the Greek words Kryptos, meaning hidden, and graphein, meaning to write, describe the process involved in encoding and decoding messages so that unauthorized individuals cannot understand them. Cryptanalysis from analyzing, meaning to break up, is the process of deciphering the original message or plaintext from the encrypted message or ciphertext without knowing the algorithms or keys used to perform the encryption. Cryptography works by combining a number of simple functions to take the bits or blocks of data transmitted over media and scrambling them up or swapping them out with other bits.

What is Network Security?

It was the formation of the first computer networks that started civilians thinking about the importance of cryptography. Computers were talking to each other over the open network, not just via direct connections to one another; that sort of networking was transformative in many great ways, but also made it trivially easy to snoop on data traveling across the network. And with financial services being an early use case for computer communication, it was necessary to find a way to keep information secret. IBM led the way in the late 1960s with an encryption method known as “Lucifer”, which was eventually codified by the US National Bureau of Standards as the first Data Encryption Standard (DES). As the internet began to grow in importance, more and better encryption was needed, and today a significant portion of data flying around the world is encrypted using varying techniques. This led to more and more companies protecting their network.