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CSS Keyframes Online Test

  • Total number of questions : 10.
  • Time alloted : 10 minutes.
  • Each question carry 1 mark.
  • No Negative marks
  • DO NOT refresh the page.
  • All the best :-)

What You Will Learn in

This CSS Keyframes Test helps you to Boost your Knowledge in CSS Language. In this test, we will cover the topics in the form of questions like

  • To define when the animation will start. It allows an animation to begin execution some time after it is applied we use animation-delay property .
  • To specifies the number of times an animation should run we use animation-iteration-count property.
  • To specifies whether an element is an accelerator indicator or not we use accelerator property.
  • To specifies the direction in which a marquee should move we use marquee-direction property.