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Computer Network Congestion Control Online Test

  • Total number of questions : 10.
  • Time alloted : 10 minutes.
  • Each question carry 1 mark.
  • No Negative marks
  • DO NOT refresh the page.
  • All the best :-)

What You Will Learn in

This Congestion Control Test helps you to Boost your Knowledge in Computer Network. In this test, we will cover the topics in the form of questions like

  • The packet is sent by a node to the source to inform it of congestion is done by Choke. Two choke packet techniques can be used for the operation called source choke packet and hop-by-hop choke packet.
  • The size of the congestion window increases exponentially until it reaches a threshold is done in slow-start algorithm.
  • The size of the congestion window increases additively until congestion is detected by the congestion avoidance algorithm.
  • The congested node propagates in the opposite direction of the data flow to inform the predecessor node to reduce the flow of packets,this process is called closed loop congestion control technique.