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23 April 2019 Current Affairs Quiz

  • Total number of questions : 10.
  • Time alloted : 10 minutes.
  • Each question carry 1 mark.
  • No Negative marks
  • DO NOT refresh the page.
  • All the best :-)

Learn About Current Affair

Give Current Affairs Test Online of 23 April 2019. You will learn about the World Liver Day (WLD) is watched each year on nineteenth of April to assemble mindfulness and seeing how essential liver is for our body. The liver is a mind boggling and one of the greatest organs in the body and assumes a critical job. Survival without a liver is incomprehensible. All the nourishment that you ingest experiences your liver. The liver assumes a critical job in the processing of the nourishment you eat. The organ is situated in the upper right piece of the stomach area isolated from chest pit by the stomach. It quantifies about 100grams in weight and 15 cm long. The organ is in charge of the blend of different proteins, coagulation factors, cholesterol, triglycerides and bile including glycogenesis. It is additionally in charge of detoxifications of medications, liquor and control of diseases.

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