HTML Italic and Emphasize

HTML Italic and Emphasize

HTML Italic and Emphasize

HTML Italic and Emphasized are used to give formatting to the text on the web page.

  • i tag and em tag italicizes the text which increase the readability of text.

  • HTML Italic is defined by <i> tag.

  • HTML Emphasize is defined by <em> tag.

<i>This text becomes italic.</i>
<em>This text becomes emphasized.</em>
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Example Explanation:

In the above, we have shown an example of HTML Font Style Attribute.

  • Both <i> and <em> tag is used to make the text a little bit bend as compared to normal text which shows the text is more important than normal text.

Run the code to see the effect.

Difference between <i> and <em> tag

  • HTML <i> tag is used for the only presentation and display purpose and not have any extra importance.

  • HTML <em> tag is used for presentation as well as it makes text semantically more important than italic text.

  • Also when browser converts text into speech then emphasized text pronounced differently than italic text.

"There is no difference on the web page appearance of <i> and <em> tag."

HTML Italic and Emphasize in Hindi

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