HTML First Example

HTML First Example

HTML First Example

To code the first HTML web page we need some necessary tools.

1. Text Editor

  • The text editor is used to write the HTML code.

  • There are lots of text editor uses by the web developer for the different operating system.

  • Windows: Notepad++
    Linux: Notepadqq
    Ubuntu: Notepadqq
    Macintosh: Coda

2. Internet Browser

<title>HTML Tutorial</title>
This is the my First Web page of PooriPadhai Website.
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Example Explanation:

In the above, we have shown an example in which we are using tags like html, head, title, body tags(elements) which are necessary for every web page.
Refer HTML Structure for more details.

Run the code to see the effect.

After writing above code we should save this as FileName.html and Open this file in any Browser (like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc.)

HTML First Example in Hindi

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