HTML Attribute

HTML Attribute

HTML Attribute

HTML Attribute enhance the capability of HTML element or tags.

  • It controls the properties like size, color, name, font-family and many more.

  • It is always specified in the starting tag.

  • It comes with name/value pairs like: name="value"

<p title="title of the paragraph">All the definition part goes here.....</p>
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Example Explanation:

In the above, we have shown an example of HTML Attribute in which we use "title" attribute.

  • The title attribute is used to give the title of the paragraph.

  • To use the title attribute, we have to add it inside the opening tag after the name of any HTML element, as we have used in HTML paragraph tag <p title="title of the paragraph">.

  • When we hover the mouse on the paragraph then the title will be visible.

Run the code to see the effect.

HTML Attribute in Hindi

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